Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall in Racine

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year right now here in South Eastern Wisconsin.

As I wake up this morning, I can feel fall is really in the air.
Though it is cloudy and the air is full of rain coming, the colors of the trees are beginning to reach their full bloom and I think we are only a week or so away from full fall colors.

What a time to get out and walk by our great lake or take a brisk bike ride through our many scenic bike trails that meander through our city.

Also lots of things going on such as rides through pumpkin patches and if one takes a drive a bit west from Racine they will encounter roadside stands with pumpkins and squash and other fall veggies. There is also a nice little diversion out on Hwy 83 just after Waterford that has hey bales in the shapes of pumpkins and spiders and there are so many pumpkins to choose from one would have to grab at least one...which I plan to do sometime this week.
I myself plan on taking a nice fall drive this thursday and plan on taking my digital camera to capture some of the amazing "eye candy" that nature has seen fit to give us during this time of year.

There is also an exciting "Film Festival" coming to Racine this weekend.
"It came from Lake Michigan" is to be the midwest's premier film festival concentrating on the horror film genre and most of the films I have been told are created by independent filmmakers from throughout the country.
It is being held at Festival Hall this weekend starting on friday and going through sunday.
One of my close friends, Jason Collum, who has produced horror films and authored a book on B-Horror actors will be at this event as well as other "biggies" of the horror genre (see links below).

A link to this event:

A link to the special guests who will be in attendance:

And a link to Jason's site:

A sure bet for a nice weekend along with a walk or bike ride or drive to see some out wonderous trees changing their colors.

Also this weekend coming up will be the official dedication for the completion of the stairway and bike path that runs along the east side of the Racine Zoo.
More information on that can probably be found on the city of Racine's web site which is if I recall correctly:
And more specifically:
(You will need the Abobe Acrobat Reader software to view this page, which can be downloaded from:

I hope everyone has a nice autumn and finds some of the above links helpful in planning out their weekend coming up.

I will try to post a few photos from my fall road trip once I have them captured for prosterity....


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