Tuesday, October 24, 2006

$750,000 donated by Gov. to help clean up Pointe Blue Site-Lake Front Coming Along

Just found out from a friend that Doyle was just in town to "bequeath" $750,000 to the city and or the developers of the "Pointe Blue Development Site" down on the lakefront to help clean up the brownfield that is now down there.

That is probably the coolest thing that could happen for these guys down there.
The money was given at a small meeting late this morning at the mayor's offfice by the Gov. himself.
Gary had been keeping it very hush hush and though I knew the Gov. was going to be in town, my friend nor I had any idea as to why he was coming for a visit, only that he would be here to see the mayor today.

This development will surly help move the city of Racine into a new and exciting era. Just imagine all the revenues and the tax base that this addition to our city on the lake will bring. And a truly cosmopolatin feel to the lake front (which is already happening with the pathway and the new scenic overlook over by the zoo).

I run and bike that pathway quite often and I took some pictures of the length of it a few weeks ago and when I set the photos to a slide show and to some music on my laptop I started crying while watching it...that is how awesome the whole lakefront looked.
I will try to post some of those pictures in a post coming up for all to see.

I feel we are truly shaping up to be a "true bedroom community". And that is what the current city planners are moving towards. Sleep and live here and possibly (most likely) working not in the city proper but close by via a nice commute.

A lot of communities have been succesful in this kind of endevor...I hope we will be as well.
I am truly excited for our little "jewel on the lake" or as some might say "our diamond in the rough".

updated 10/25/06 12;41AM:
It seems the journal times ran an article on this and there has been a lot of feedback in the blogs...some positive as my post is and quite a bit of negativity from what seems to be some very angry depressed "republicans" that are mad that Doyle seems to be doing something good (again) for our state.
Read on for the blog posts after the article, which can be acsessed by clicking on the link below:


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