Sunday, March 05, 2006

RUSD School board questions.

The Journal Times has a thread up for School Board Candidates.

The Candidates asked for questions.I gave them the following questions, we will see if they answer them.

I have several questions, however I want just three answered.

1. Will you respect the will of the voters if they say no to spending referenda? Or, will you throw out the will of the public and repackage something and put it out again with all kinds of inflamed rhetoric? In short one referendum per year, no more. Yes or no.

2. The two biggest crisis areas for budgeting concerns are benefit costs and special education. One of those we can do something about, another not so much. Will you open serious, necessary and difficult discussions with the various collective bargaining units towards controlling these costs, or will do the easy thing and come back to an overburdened tax base for the always easy answer, more money?

3. The Deloitte report pointed to various problems most of them go down to the inability to make difficult decisions and or cuts and chronic mismanagement. Will you make dificult cuts, and if a change in leadership is needed, will you support it?