Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A New York Times View of Racine

A friend told me the other day that the city of Racine had gotten a nice little write up in the New York Times Newspaper a few weeks ago with an interview that Becker did along with some other city of Racine officials and various local businessmen.

I was interested to see what the Times had to say about our little city on the lake.I have been busy with work and all this last week so I didnt get a chance to dig very much but as I was checking out a few different local blogs this morning, I came across a post from "Realdebate" while talking about the Times write up (which I have included here in it's entirety) and then by digging in to the Times site on the 1st of July, I found the slideshow which I have also linked to below.

For the record, I think the mayor and the officials of this city are doing a fine job and that while Racine may have it's problems, there is a lot of good going on here.

There may be a full article somewhere on the Times site and if and when I find it I will post it, but I did find a nicely put together slide show that the Times did.

Photos with captions....very well done.Click on the link below to view the piece that the Times put together.(You may have to scroll down to the "Multimedia section" at the bottom left of the page when you click on the below link. Look for the title "A community coming to grips with change":
Business and Financial News - New York Times:
"Slide Show: A Community Coming to Grips With Change
The story of Racine, Wis., like that of the nation as a whole, is also the story of how a community comes to grips with the larger forces of globalization and technological change."

And "Realdebate's post about the story that the Times undertook which I have reprinted in it's entirety from Realdebate's blog:
Racine is going to be featured in the New York Times

This Sunday a smiling Mayor Gary Becker will be on the front of the business section of the New York Times.

The story is keyed on how Racine is adapting to the economy.
Seeing as unemployment is horrid and there is zero new industry in town, I'm really confused as to what exactly they are going to talk about, unless of course they talk about interpersonal relationships between city officials.

More likely Gary will blame unemployment issues on Paul Ryan while taking no personal responsibility himself.It should be an interesting read.I wonder if there is a classified story they could leak out of Racine?
posted by realdebate 2:45 PM 3 comments links to this post

Realdebate, I know we are all entitled to our opinions and though I do not agree with you on your opinions of our city as a whole (but I do tend to agree with most of your opinions on things such as Racine Unified things), I do agree that we need to do more in relation to crime and unemploymnet but I do feel that this mayor has done more for our city than any of the past administrations since I have lived in this city and that has been close to eight years. Though I am not involved in the local political scene here in town, I gather that all the "infighting" between people from the area has a deepseated past and I am sure that there will always be many differing opinions on how to best run this city....

A good tuesday to all....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Johnson's find their Grandfather's lost plane....

They finally did it.
The plane "Carnauba" which was lost in the depths of the ocean many years ago has been found by the Johnson clan this last week.
I blogged about the start of their adventure in a previous post. How cool to try and reclaim a piece of their personal history.

What an advenuture this must have been for all of them.
Click on the links below for the full stories:

An online PDF file talking about the adventure: