Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Police chief decides to leave in part because of spat with mayor

Spenner speaks yet again......

JS Online:Police chief decides to leave in part because of spat with mayor

I think he should just bow out gracefully and stop trying to muddy the situation with his personal opinions on why he felt the fracus with Becker contributed to his leaving. I feel that the record speaks for itself. He got involved in what my dad calls "politricks" and he should have known better...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Spenner resigns

This just in from a reliable source...

Racine Chief of Police David Spenner has just resigned his position with the city.

I do not have any details as of yet but it supossedly happened just a few minutes ago (friday afternoon).

I say thank goodness and it is about time.
I hope now, that the city of Racine police department can get back to running it's police force in a better manner.

The "dirty politics", "backstabbing", and "getting even attitude" that has been a part of the police department since Spenner took over will hopefully now come to an end.

I have talked to a few of our local men in blue over the course of the past few years and most of them have told me how unhappy they have been with Spenner being at the helm.
This is just heresay of course but when it is more than one officer and numerous city officials all feeling the same way, there has to be some truth to the feeling of "negativety" that has been a part of the department for the last few years.

The days of a chief of police being involved in the things mentioned above are more akin to Chicago or Milwaukee of a long gone era and should not have been a part of Racine's department to begin with.

So with that said, another of Smith's cronies is now out of city business and now maybe our mayor can rest a little easier knowing that there is one less worry on his "plate" while he trys to run our city the way it should be run.