Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No place like home...

I too, am a native of Racine... and I miss a lot about Racine and Wisconsin... I moved away 7 years ago today.

I come back about once a year maybe more. It's hard coming back to see all of the changes over the years. Coming in from I-94 to Hwy 11 is weird with the double lanes, Green Bay Road-- talk about confusing, Hwy 20 with the new shopping plazas! I just miss the simple city life "we" had. Southern Racine has changed a lot while the Northside has remained relatively the same. But I never knew much about the Northside...

Ironically when I come back "home" I can't remember the "short cuts" through the city. You'd think that'd one would remember, but not me! I lived in Wisconsin for 20 years and have a hard time getting around!!

I miss going to summer functions on the Lake... Where I live now the lake front isn't utilized to it potential or at all.

This blog will be a great place to reminisce of Racine... "RD" thanks for inviting me to contribute to your site!

Campaign Cash Disclosure Day

Today the candidates to replace Cathy Stepp had to disclose their fun raising activity.

In typical form, the Journal Times released the statement of the Democratic candidate, while ignoring the Republican one.

The Kringlespere will release both.


Lehman Reports $53,700 War Chest for State Senate RaceTuesday, January 31, 2006

(Racine)- State Representative John Lehman, D-Racine, anticipating a run for Racine’s 21st District State Senate seat in November, reported $53,700 on hand in his campaign account as of December 31, 2005. Campaign finance reports are due today.

“Not a penny was raised during the spring and summer 2005 budget deliberations,” said Lehman. “I firmly believe in drawing a bright line between campaign fundraising and those important public policy debates. To my way of thinking, the ink had to dry on the Governor’s signature on the biennial budget before I could form a State Senate committee and begin to organize.”

Lehman raised $38,783 since August, including a generous $1,000 contribution from the Racine County Democratic Party. “Local Democrats are unifying behind my campaign, and it is gratifying to be boosted even in the midst of the recent change in leadership in our local party,” Lehman said.“

I am very proud to say that, in addition to the nice support from the county party members, 530 individual contributions, including 121 small donor contributions ($20 or less) flooded the campaign,” Lehman added. Lehman was also pleased that more than three out of four of his campaign donors reside in the Senate district.“The average contribution was $71.05, which tells me that a lot of regular folks dug deep for this effort,” Lehman said. “The enthusiasm and level of volunteering and financial support is very, very encouraging.”

Assembly rules prohibit incumbent legislators from accepting political action committee (PAC) checks during 2005. All of Lehman’s 2005 donations came from individuals.


The McReynolds for State Senate Campaign announced today that it has raised $110,000 in less than three months, far exceeding its lofty goal of bringing in $100,000 by the end of 2005. The McReynolds campaign also has a cash-on-hand balance of $110,000. Bill McReynolds, the Racine County Executive, is running for the 21st District State Senate seat, which is being vacated by Senator Cathy Stepp.

“I am incredibly humbled by the generous outpouring of grassroots support my campaign has received,” said McReynolds. “It is clear that our message of lower taxes and more jobs is resonating with the voters of Racine County.”

The McReynolds campaign has added over 300 new individual donors since announcing in October, with the vast majority living or working in Racine County. The majority of the individuals that gave to the campaign contributed donations of $100 or less.

“Our fundraising announcement today is a great indicator of the strength of this campaign, but we aren’t taking anything for granted,” said McReynolds. “We’ll be working hard all the way through to election day.”

McReynolds said that today’s fundraising totals are further evidence that his campaign has the momentum and the resources to achieve victory in November.

The only poll conducted so far on the race for the 21st Senate District seat has McReynolds leading his opponent by seven points.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Candidate to Speak.

Rumor has it Justin Sowa, candidate for first district US Congressman will be speaking at the 2-6 Democratic Party Meeting.

To my knowledge this will be the first appearance in public in almost 3 months for the candidate.

Well at least he should have a friendly crowd.

I wonder if there will be any bloggers there?



The Journal Times has an interesting feature on how a local woman played a role in helping to solve a missing persons case from Washington state from the 1920s.

Racine's Jessie "Wilma" Ewing is a niece of Russel and Blanch Warren, who disappeared in July 1929. Recently, divers located the Warrens' car at the bottom of Lake Crescent in Olympia National Park.

The remains of Mr. Warren were positively identified through DNA provided by Ewing in January 2005. Divers will continue to search the bottom for Mrs. Warren, but the car will remain where it is as a historic resource.