Saturday, May 27, 2006

Unified's New Math

The word is out and the propaganda is vote yes, it will cost you no more.

So here is the current formula.

Assessed Value * Mill Rate = Levy +6.45 million

The 6.45 million is expiring and they want to extend it.

What they will not tell you is now they are reassessing every year instead of every two years.

My assessment went up 8% this year, I’m guessing most others did as well.

So the new formula is…

(1.08 * Assessed Value) * Mill Rate = Levy + 6.45 million. If they had not changed the policy on reassessment then there would be no increase IF (and that is a big if folks) they did not change the mill rate.

For the seven millionth time, and just for the record, the levy is the important number. RUSD just wants to exceed their levy by 6.45 million bucks. Pocket change.

For the record, it is a good thing property values go up. It is a bad thing to put out misleading rhetoric on taxes in order to trick the public into a tax increase.

There will be plenty of surprised people in December who bought this lie from the district when they see their tax bills.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I heard on the news today that Voces de la Frontera is calling again for a huge voter registration drive.

They also want complete free amnesty for people not here legally, a completely open border and everyone coming here to have immediate access to all social services in this country including social security.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Zoo to be Proud of

I am surprised that it took this long for the zoo to realize that charging a nominal admission for this little "jewel" on our lake, was one of the only ways to keep it going.

Looking at the population of this community and all the issues with balancing it's budget and the cuts that have been made to our educational system at Unified, I was amazed that it stayed free as long as it has.

There other possible resource's that are out there to help sustain the zoo rather than charging admission but it will probably require "thinking a bit outside the box". In the mean time I think that the people who have been running this fine little zoo have done an admirable job. I hope Jay Christie and the others who are responsible for its day to day running will be able to keep interesting exhibits going and possibly improve some of the infastructure of some of the animal dociles with the admission fees.
And don't forget that there will still be "Racine County resident" free days.

Maybe the "Animal Crackers" Jazz Series could possibly be expanded to more nights on summer evenings and there are so many other events that could be held on this very pretty property by the lake.

I don't know how many "weddings" are held on the lake in that natural environment but it would make for one awesome looking backdrop to a newlyweds first day together if you ask me.

Maybe open up the lakefront access for free and then further enhance the edges along the lake so people could view some of the wondrous things inside the zoo and thus finish their walk along the shore and then drop a few dollars to get even closer to the "animal kingdom" within...

Whatever happens, I still plan on taking leisurely walks through our little "jewel" whenever I have time this summer.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No more free zoo

The RJT is reporting that beginning in 2007 the zoo will no longer be free to visitors aged 3 and older. I find this sad, one of the few things that Racine could be proud was a great free zoo. Having what it had and still being free was one its strong points. As zoos go, it is not the best around. I think this fee could lower visitation greatly. I will still take my family to the zoo, but probably not as frequently as in the past.

Milwaukee County has a great zoo which of course the patrons pay for, Racine can't boast that claim. I think the fact that Milwaukee's zoo is so expensive my be a saving grace for Racine's zoo.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Retro Racine

This is a cool site. A look back at Racine of the 1950s and 1960s.

Being someone who loves history, I enjoyed looking through the many personal recollections of current and former Racine residents.

I only wish there were more pictures posted on the site.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't argue with...

My letter to the Journal Times is stirring up controversy. While I may be misguided in some areas, why is it that the people who have lived here all their lives, then choose to raise a family get screwed and then chastised for complaining about it?

Perhaps it's because I took the liberal method of arguing with my emotions before letting my logic sink in, either way the main message remains the same. We English speakers are slowly getting the shaft.